Today is a big day!

We’re moving our interactions with peers, practitioners and experts to a new platform, starting our next chapter. Our reason for moving is a positive one:

There is simply so much more we can do together to master complexity within Product Development

We’re excited to bring you all together in our own dedicated space, where we don’t have to jump from channel to channel or get distracted by everything else happening on a big platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Meetup…

We are creating our own unique world, where we’ll learn together

  • how to apply new ways of working at the benefit of our organisations
  • how to avoid mechanical Scrum or Agile Theatre within our organisations
  • how to be extremely valuable in supporting and/or being part of self-managing teams
  • how to address complex problems within our organisations and remove the pain out of Product Development

Best of all, this new space will be all ours with nothing standing between all of us going deeper together. It’s private, ad-free and available on every platform with its own mobile apps.


We get it. The idea of joining yet another community may not feel like what you want right now. Especially because LinkedIn, Meetups are flourishing all over the place.

The problem is that those community’s potential is limited.

Every time you want to experiment or learn something new and awesome you have to go and find a new platform. The result is a bit of a mess that ends up in requiring you to (1) get one or more new accounts on other platforms and/or (2) learn a new system for just that piece somewhere else.

By creating our own community with the option to grow into sub-groups (chapters), run events, and more together in one place, there’s only one login. Plus, with the Mighty Network we chose, it’s easy to learn and we think you’re going to love it.

Initially, we’re going to keep old ways of sharing active while we invest more time and energy in our new community that’s all ours and that we can expand in ways that make a ton of sense.

Over time, we’ll likely stop sharing elsewhere, but before we do, we’ll continue sharing updates within our community to the outside world.

Unlikely. While we certainly don’t expect everyone to follow us over to our new community, we’ve also approached this thoughtfully and carefully after analysing initial market research.

There is so much potential within this group of practitioners. And it is potential that we can not realise if we build our future around a super limited platform.

We hope you’ll join us, but understand if you don’t.

Oh, we’re glad you asked! By carving out a world that is all our own, we passionately believe that we’ll be able to drive faster results for each and every member.

We’ll get a new level of focus that we can’t get elsewhere. And with this focus, we’ll be able to connect each of you more effectively in ways that will help you to go deeper together, stay engaged, and get fresh thinking and new ideas from the experiences and stories of other members.

Ready to join us? Here’s the link to join our new community.

We bring together practitioners and experts to explore new ways of working, share experiences, so that we can uncover better ways of developing products and delight our customers.

Jürgen De Smet

Our Chief Simplification Officer that is applying Scrum since 1998 with a known and published track record of being able to turn the ship around.

His engagements with clients achieve greater organisational alignment with fewer dependencies left to manage. Transparency with access to good data ensures empirically-sound decision making. As a result, the system becomes leaner, more customer-centric and ready with each successive change wave to build its greatest products yet.

More about Jürgen can be found at

For companies that endure, simplicity brings its own rewards.

Steven Deneir

Our Scrum Opinion Leader that is applying Scrum since 2001, first within the context of Prince2® Agile with a rather program and project focus. Later on expanded to a wider context with a Product focus.

Specialized in coaching towards a professional use of Scrum, and in transforming from traditional project management (e.g. Prince2®) towards Agile initiatives.

More about Steven can be found at

The 3 word solution to most complex problems: "Ask The Team"

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