Leverage Your Project Management Skills in a Scrum context. Just a 2 minute read each week

The team’s productivity is not yet what it could be.
Customer centricity needs more attention.
Have a more engaged team.
Collaborate closer with business and users.
Focus more on outcomes than struggling with a fixed scope.

The list goes on…

The team is doing their best,
You are trying your best,

It does not feel an optimal use of Scrum. There is not enough impact. It feels…  sometimes even bad, a waste of valuable time.

There is something missing… But what?

We have seen a lot of project managers with good intentions. If only they would get a better understanding how they could use their valuable skills in a way that strengthens a Scrum Team instead of stifling them. So…

What if you could…

  • Gain insights in how to use your experiences, insights, and skills as a Project Manager to make a real difference, aligned with the Scrum principles!

  • Step by step grow, through a short weekly message.

  • Have a prompt to act upon, individually, or even better, discuss about it with your team and grow together to make that impact.

Your time is precious. 
Learn two minutes each week. It will make a tremendous difference.

Keep learning and improving.  Continuous improvement. Inspect and adapt.

Get content created and curated by ex Project Management Professional, and standing Professional Scrum Trainer Steven Deneir.

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