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Frequently Answered Questions

Thank you for your continued interest in our PSM course! Please find a list of frequently asked, and answered, questions below. Still not found your answer, then please take contact with us.

About the PSM course

The PSM is a two day class, covering 6 modules.
After an introduction these are the modules:

  • Theory and first principles – we want to be sure you understand the underlying concepts of Scrum as everything in the framework only exists to bring these to life. The beating heart of Scrum.
  • The Scrum framework – we go over all elements of Scrum and tie them back to the core concepts.
  • Done – when is something really finished; what is the impact if this is not the case? If/how does this Done (or UnDone) support or impact the core concepts?
  • Product Delivery – during which we address planning, estimating, forecasting by means of a Product Backlog.
  • People and Teams – brings us exercises and conversations what characteristics are of an effective teams and how to grow an effective team.
  • The Scrum Master – is a module that covers skills and traits of a team member who leads the team to higher levels of effectiveness through the use of Scrum.

We close the course with an overall reflection on what our first actions will be the day after when we are back with the team.


We will forward you upfront and in due time all necessary links and references. 

We expect you to have studied the Scrum Guide shortly before your course starts. Reading this guide will take about 30 minutes. You might want to take an additional 30 minutes to start finding links between the different elements.

We suggest you to take the free open assessment. This is a sample assessment containing 30 questions. The time limit is 30 minutes. Take an additional 30 minutes to go through the explanation of the answers once you finished.

Specifically for a Live Virtual Classroom session (LVC) – sometimes called an online session – we will also forward you suggestions for your setup as interactivity remains key. Next to that we expect that you have sufficient hands-on experience with Mural. For this we do provide some basic exercises which should take you less than 30 minutes.


Ensure you have a good night of sleep. Nothing more, nothing less. We love to see you back fresh and open-minded on day 2. 😉

That entirely depends on you. You and your team have your challenges to tackle. Do that. Apply your learnings to become more and more effective. Day by day.

In case you have new questions – which will be the case – it is again in your hands to ask them or not. Know that we want you and your team to be successful.

As part of your course you are entitled to join our community. A community of people like you. Who want to keep growing. At this moment we are working very hard to get this launched. This community will allow you to share your experiences and allow others to learn from these, and to allow you to learn from the experiences of others. You receive a two year free access.

Oh, and you might want to extend your knowledge through our other courses 😉

About the PSM I assessment and certificate

The assessment validates the depth of your knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application. 

It is not an easy assessment. Which does immediately brings its value: once you achieved it, the certificate does distinguish your knowledge from others.

Once started, you will have to answer 80 multiple choice, multiple answer and true/false questions in one hour or less.

In order to receive your certificate you need a score of 85% or higher.

The user interface is straight forward so that you can entirely focus on the content. You can practice the free open assessment beforehand which has the same interface, and uses the same style of questions, not the same difficulty though. 

As part of the course you receive an assessment pasword for one attempt which does not have an expiration date.

As part of the course you receive an assessment pasword for one attempt which does not have an expiration date.

If you take the assessment in the 14 days after the course, and you do not achieve the required 85%, you get a free retry. This retry does not have an expiration date.

From a learning perspective we do suggest you take your first attempt in the 14 days following the course.

Take a growth mindset. After your assessment you will receive a break down of your score for the different focus areas of the assessment. And for each of these there is a reference where you can find out more info.

We also suggest you take contact back with us forwarding this score breakdown, including any questions you still have. We will help you out with tips and references.

In order to receive the PSM I certificate you need to pass the assessment. This assessment does cover multiple focus areas that are expected to have enough knowledge and understanding about. These are the focus areas – that are of course also addressed during the different modules of the course:

  • Understanding and applying the Scrum framework
    • Empiricism, Scrum Values, Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts, Done

  • Developing People and Teams
    • Self-managing Teams, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Managing Products with Agility
    • Forecasting & Release planning, Product Value, Product Backlog Management, Stakeholders & Customers

Whenever you feel ready! The minute you receive your assessment code, a week later, a month later, we once received a feedback from someone who took it 2 years later. All fine.

Know that as part of the course, if you do not achieve the required 85%, and you have taken the assessment in the 14 days following your course, you do receive a second free attempt.

Having taken the course is a great way to prepare you!

Reread the Scrum guide – we as trainers do this at least every quarter…

Given you need to interpret information, apply Scrum for your challenges. Learn from it. Evaluate how it went. Were the core concepts applied, or merely the titles and names of the concept? Gain practical experience.

Retake the free open assessment. Again and again until you consistently score 100%. Read the answers. Learn from it.

And you might want to read some books. As part of the course material, for each module we will give you some references.

That’s an easy one: no. It is a lifelong certificate without the need for additional payments or renewals.

All your questions answered? And you are ready to boost your effectivity?

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