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Ever felt like your Scrum practice is just skimming the surface? That somewhere beneath the daily stand-ups and sprint reviews, the heart of Scrum is being missed? You’re not alone.


Scrum is widely adopted but often misunderstood. Myths abound, and mechanical motions replace meaningful actions, leading to what’s known as “Zombie Scrum”—where the motions are there, but the spirit is not. This can leave teams feeling less effective, disengaged, and disconnected from the core principles that make Scrum so powerful.


What if you could…

  • peel back the layers of the Scrum Guide each week, gaining a deeper understanding of its words? 
  • debunk myths and cut through the mechanical to revive the heart of your Scrum practice?


Your time is precious. 
Learn two minutes each week. It will make a tremendous difference.

Keep learning and improving.  Continuous improvement. Inspect and adapt.

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