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Places are limited (maximum 16 participants).
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This round table event brings like-minded, open-minded people together who put their business challenges on the table and learn from each other. We talk openly about our concerns within our business and try to find solutions together and share our experience.

We’ll be having conversation if and how agile ways of working can help. Why an agile approach is so difficult to install. What our role as leaders in this is and more.


Because every once in a while you and your teams are stuck. It’s not easy to find new solutions to things you need to tackle alone. That’s why we want to come together. Not only can you talk about your challenges within your business, your network will also grow with interesting people. The goal is to find concrete solutions you can implement in your business but also returning home with new, fresh ideas! This is a highly interactive workshop where we at Boost Your Scrum guide the group By Your Side. 


Van Der Valk hotel, Brussels.


Four half days: 4, 5, 8, 9 November from 14:00 – 17:00
You need to be able to attend the four sessions.

We close each day with some additional networking while enjoying a snack and a drink.

The price?

Completely free! Because places are limited, you need to convince us why you want to participate. So be sure to fill in the form above. We will read the submissions, select the lucky few who can learn most from each other, and get back to you. 


  • Welcome
  • Why does agile matter (or not) for our organisation?
  • How can we make teams take more ownership and become more effective?
  • How can we measure for success?
  • What is our role as leader in all this?
  • Closing

Who are we?

At Boost Your Scrum we generate experts! Allow us to be By Your Side on your journey.

We know that a solid understanding of the Scrum framework and other Agile ways of working boosts any team. They’ll have an enormous insight in how they can use agile to make a huge impact given their context.

We are here to bring you and your team(s) this understanding. So that you can delight your customers. That your teams will deliver value each and every month. 

We don’t do all of this by ourselves of course! We engage and collaborate with highly experienced trainers. Known experts in their field of expertise in order to be able to provide in depth courses within any domain that is required to make Scrum work for you and your organisation.

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