Steven Deneir

Having been a developer for quite a few years allowed me to experience how it was to be a team member surrounded by a traditional management. I was sure it could be done better, so I arrived in a role of Quality Officer.

Being "responsible" for all kinds of processes ranging from requirements definition to organizational training I had to do so many template-based implementations because "this is how it is done", that my search continued for better ways of delivering solutions for the customer.

And so I ended up in agile frameworks. First making the mistakes of barely executing the Scrum ceremonies, followed by a continuous learning and experimenting phase, makes that I am now an agile coach, trainer and facilitator. If you want to reach the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner or AgilePM Practitioner certified levels..., then let me bring the light in the Agile PRINCE Two-light zone.

But that is just in short my story. More important is: how can I help you and your organisation?

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